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Speak Aloud is a piece of text to speech (TTS) software. It can read text aloud naturally to you with the state of the art text-to-speech voices. Your eyes usually get tired when looking at the screen for a long time. You can let Speak Aloud read web pages, word document or any other highlight text (i.e., which you can select with mouse) to you with only pressing one hot key so that your eyes have a chance to rest. Save your eyesight and increase your productivity with Speak Aloud now!

Speak Aloud is also an advanced "text to audio" or "text to mp3" software. It can convert text to speech files such as wav, mp3, wma, ogg etc easily. Especially it creates mp3 directly, no need to create wav file temporarily like any other text-to-speech programs. This will save your hard disk's life greatly. You can convert news, jokes or articles to mp3 files and place them into your mp3 players, enjoy them when you are away from computer. Convert text to audio with Speak Aloud Now!


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Speak Aloud also supports Macromedia flash movie format. Have you ever want to add streaming voice on your site to make it more appealing. Now Speak Aloud can do it for you. You needn't to find voice talents for recording voice. Speak Aloud with the latest text-to-speech technology can convert text to speech stream in swf format. You can add unlimited voice messages into your site easily. An example:

To get better voice quality, you can buy AT&T Natural Voices, Neo Speech Voices or Cepstral Voices from below. They are new generation TTS engines that use large speech database so the speech quality is excellent.

Mike (US English)
Crystal (US English)
Audrey (UK English)
Rosa (LA Spanish)
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Kate16 (16khz English)
Paul16 (16khz English)
Kate8 (8khz English)
Paul8 (8khz English)
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Amy (US English)
Millie (UK English)
Isabelle (Canadian Fr.)
Katrin (German)
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What people say in the street

This program is small and fast. It convets text to mp3 directly, so I don't need to worry about my hard disk any more. The "speak highlight text" feature is cool.
     - Smith

It also supports batch conversion, which means you can convert a lot of text files to mp3 in one click.  We also provide a watch folder tool that can monitor a folder and convert any text files put into it to audio files instantly.

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Note: If you are a programmer looking for a component to convert text to mp3, please try our Active TTS Component.

News: To convert MP3 to SWF only, please try our MP3 Stream Creator program.


  • Read text aloud with support for SAPI4 or SAPI5 compliant voices.
  • Convert text to audio on the fly. i.e. text to wav, text to mp3, text to wma, text to ogg, text to vox, text to au and text to aiff format
  • Convert without temporary files generated, save your hard disk.
  • Support batch conversion.
  • Convert text to swf speech stream, i.e. text to swf. Now you can add streaming voice to web site easily
  • Support reading highlight text on the screen with hot key. An easy to use screen reader
  • Support drag drop. You can drag text files to batch convert or speak at will
  • Support command line. You can batch convert a file list from command line now!
  • Convert pdf, rtf, html or text to audio
  • Monitor a folder and convert any files put into it to mp3 audio files instantly (See the watchfolder.zip for instructions)
  • Support WMA lossless and speech codec now



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System Requirements:

Windows 98 and above,  SAPI4 or SAPI5, Text-to-speech engines, Sound card. 

Note: SAPI is a standard interface of text-to-speech voices by Microsoft. It has two major versions SAPI4 and SAPI5. Many voices support SAPI interface.

To run Active TTS, you must install SAPI4 or SAPI5 and install some TTS Voices.

Install SAP4: Microsoft Speech API 4.0a     Install SAPI5: Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 


  • Let Speak Aloud to read text aloud for you.  Click "Text" button to read text aloud. You can enter your text in the edit window by copying and pasting or loading from text files. Then press "Speak" button to speak the text aloud with the voice you set. Also you can click "To File" to convert the text into mp3 or wav file on the fly.
    Batch convert text to mp3, text to wav, text to wma, text to ogg and other speech files.  Click the "Batch" button, then you can add the text files you want to convert into the list. Click "Convert" to start batch conversion.  Notes: WMA format needs Windows Media Codec installed.
    You can also use command line to convert a list of files. Open a command window, enter the command like the following:

  • SpeakAloud.exe 1.txt 2.txt 3.lst

  • SpeakAloud will automatically load the files and convert them to speech using the setting in options page, then it exists when done. In this way, you can run SpeakAloud in a batch file to convert text to mp3, text to wma etc now.
  • Program options. Select the voice to speak and set its parameters like rate, volume and pitch. Also you can select the output audio file format like mp3 or wav.
    Monitor Clipboard: check it if you want to read the text in the clipboard when it is changed.
    Speak Highlight Text: check it, then you can let Speak Aloud read highlight text on the screen such as the selected text in web pages , notepad, or Microsoft Word etc. Just press the CTRL+T hotkey, Speak Aloud will read the selected text with your favorite voice. You can press CTRL+P to stop it at any time.


TTS Voices:

TTS Voices are important to a text-to-speech software. There are default voices shipped with Windows 2000 above. For other version of Windows, you need to install some additional support files (Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 ). 

The capability and quality of the speech output are usually determined by the voices. There is a bunch of  free voices on the internet for different languages. You can download and try. 

  • Free TTS Voices:

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engines for SAPI5 (English Only)
Microsoft Mary, Mike and Sam 5.0 

L&H TruVoice TTS Engines for SAPI4
British English French   Spanish  German  Italian Dutch  Portuguese Japanese  Korean  Russian

The state of art commercial voices can produce very high quality speech output because they use a very large database of pre-recorded voice data. Such voices are available with Comerica licenses.

  • High Quality Commercial TTS Voices:

Buy AT&T Natural Voices for SAPI4 or SAPI5 Now          Online Demo

Buy Neo Speech Kate and Paul Voices Now          Online Demo

Buy Cepstral Voices Now         Online Demo


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10/01/2009 +Fix: some UI bugs fixed
05/01/2009 +Update: Support Windows 7
06/01/2008 +Update: bug fixe release
10/20/2007 +Update: make some UI changes.
02/08/2007 Update Active TTS dll
12/06/2006 Support Windows Vista TTS voice
02/26/2006 +Fix: Update TTSObj.dll and use a new UI
06/08/2005 +Fix: Support FLAC format and add WatchFolder utility.
02/19/2005 +Fix: Minor fixes
01/29/2005 +Fix: SAPI4 voices support bug
01/15/2005 +Add: PDF, HTML, RTF file format support
                       +Add: include SAPI4 and MSTTS engine
01/01/2005 +Add: Add drag drop and command line batch support
12/19/2004 +Add: text to SWF support
12/10/2004 +Add: Support for text to WMA, text to OGG, text to VOX, text to AU, text to AIFF
11/15/2004 First public release, support text to MP3 and text to WAV