Record left and right channel independently

As we know, normal sound card supports stereo channels. In some cases, you may just want mono channel data. You can combine two mono channel signals into stereo one so it can be captured by one sound card.   

Our audio record component  support recording the left and right channel to different files.

Here is an example in script.

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)

set rec = CreateObject(“AudioCtl.AudioRecord.1″)

rec.DeviceIndex = 0

rec.DeviceLineIndex = 3

‘test save to mp3

rec.WaveFormatIdx = 15

rec.SetOutputFileName “stereo.mp3″


‘set the wave format for the left and right channel

rec.WaveFormatIdxLR = 5

rec.SetOutputFileNameL “L.mp3″

rec.SetOutputFileNameR “R.mp3″

 ’start recording

rec.StartRecord 2, 44100

WScript.Sleep 10000



‘Test, save to wav

rec.FileFormat = 0

rec.WaveFormatIdx = 31

rec.SetOutputFileName “stereo.wav”

‘set channel wave format 

rec.WaveFormatIdxLR = 30

rec.SetOutputFileNameL “L.Wav”

rec.SetOutputFileNameR “R.Wav”


rec.StartRecord 1, 44100

WScript.Sleep 10000


set rec = NOthing