Monthly Archives: March 2006

Html Snapshot update.

When converting html to image, html snapshot will hold a bitmap in memory.

Some html will result a large image which will use a large amount of memory.

We recently update html snapshot, so that it can better handle large image. The image size will be limited by the memory installed on the machine now.


One one hand, this improvement will enable better support for large html. On the other hand, sometimes you may have a specialized html version to be converted for printing. For example, the CSS style can specify the absolute width and height of the page or html element.


“div style=”width: 6000px; height: 6000px” 

The resulted image can have enough pixels to be printed in high DPI mode.


Convert TIFF to PDF

Do you want to convert TIFF to PDF in program?

We just released an ActiveX component to convert TIFF To PDF. It has the following features:

  • Convert TIFF files to PDF
  • Support single or multiple page TIFF
  • Support various TIFF encoding such as CCITT G3/G4, LZW, RLE and uncompressed
  • Merge multiple TIFF files into one PDF
  • Standalone, doesn’t depend on Adobe Acrobat or Reader
  • Provide demos in ASP, VB, VB Script, VB.Net

    Get html snapshot now

    If you are a developer that is looking for one the solution for the following tasks, then you come to the right place:

    • php script that will take screen shot of website
    • convert html text into an image in
    • convert html to image
    • html to image conversion in, .net
    • html to jpeg converter
    • web site to thumbnail in C#
    • capture html page in java
    • convert text to jpg
    • htmltoimage
    • text to jpg
    • render html to bitmap
    • render html to jpg
    • render html to jpg

    Html snapshot is the right component you want to try.


    But if you are looking for “jpg to html conversion“, you can drop us an email on what you want to do.


    Javascript in PDF

    PDF file format supports javascript. The script can access the pdf document object model like the HTML DOM.

    When doing pdf encryption or decryption, it is necessary to keep the javascript information.

    We have released a new version of pdf security which fixes such a problem.

     Get it and encrypt/decrypt your pdf now! :)

    Using Active TTS in C++ Builder

    Active TTS is a standard COM server object. C++ Builder supports COM automation just like Delphi.

    The general steps are:

    1. Import the type library of the COM object. In our case, the type library name for Active TTS is “TTSObj 1.0 Type Library”

    C++ Builder will generate the wrapper C++ class for the COM object.


     2. After the wrapper is generated, you can create an object instance of the wrapper class just as if it is a normal C++ class. The COM automation happens underneath automatically  when you make a call to the wrapper object. 



    COM Automation in BCB4

    Html to image for linux

    Some customers are asking html to image for linux.

    Currently html snapshot or html to image only works on windows platform since it uses IE to render the web page.

    We are looking into the possibility of implementing html to image on linux. Hopefully there will be some result in the near future.

    If you have any suggestion or idea on html to image on linux or unix, feel free to email us.


    Tip on using html to image

    You may have a lot of html files to convert to image. It is very easy to do it with html to image.

    In your Windows explorer, do a search for the html files in some folder on your disk. Explorer will list all the html files in the folder including sub folders.

    Now just drag and drop those files to the URL list window in html to image. All the files will appear in it.

    The next thing is to click Go to begin converting.

    If you are converting internet URL to image or jpeg, you can enter the urls first to a list file with any text editor, then load it into html to image and click to go!

    You see how easy it is now. You don’t even need any command line function at all, which you have to write batch file first.

    Html to image is specially designed to do the batch conversion in UI. If you are interested in more control on html to image conversion, please have a look at html snapshot.