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Use javascript to control flash movies

Recently I got some questions on our MP3 Stream Creator. The customers want to know if there are more cool controllers. We are trying to build more good looking controllers but it will take time.

Actually there may be another way for users who knows java script and html. He can create the controller in pure html and java script.

Since flash move is an ActiveX object on the page, it can be controlled by java script.

Here is a great tutorial on how to do it. Thanks for the author.

Create Crash Dump

How to create a crash dump

Creating a crash dump can help developers to find out the bug and fix it more effciently.

The instructions for creating and retrieving the dump file are as follows:

1. Set up Dr. Watson (open Dr. Watson, click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type drwtsn32 -i).

In that dialog, the log path and crash dump path should be already be set. Please note these paths for future reference.

Set the Crash Dump Type to “Full” if you have a fast Internet connection (since you will be sending the crash dump file to us). If you have a slow connection, set the Crash Dump Type to “Mini”.

In the “Options” section be sure you have at least the following items checked:

- Dump all thread contexts
- Create crash dump file

2. Close the Dr. Watson dialog and repeat the steps that cause the program to crash. After the crash occurs, you should find the “Crash Dump” file specified above recently created on your disk.

How does it work? Because when crash occurs, Windows will call a default debugging program. If Dr. Waston
is the default, it will create a crash dump of the program which includes useful information of the crash point.
The default debugger is defined in this registry key. You can also use other debugger such as NTSD. Register it as the following:
HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent VersionAeDebug
Debugger = c:dbgtoolsntsd.exe -p %ld -e %ld -g -c “.dump /m /u c:dumpsji
t.dmp;!net_send servpc mypc servpc Dump created;q”

Please send the crash dump file to the developer as an e-mail attachment along with a description of what was done right before the application crashed.

Webpage translation

Today I added translation links for the product pages.
The translation engine used is the babel fish translation from Altavista.

I had a look at the English to Chinese translation. It is a typical machine translation!
I can guess from the translated text. But maybe it is just because I wrote all the pages.
How do you think about it?

Here tashian has an interesting script to tranlate an English text back and forth for five times.
Want to know what happens after that, check it here yourself.

There are more MT links.

Anyway, MT is really a hard AI problem. More time is needed!

Dear crackers

Cracking software may be an interesting thing to you, especially kids. After cracking a software, you may feel proud of such “achievement”.

One famous writer has a note: “The meaning of life is to seek fame, profit, sex, power, interest etc.”
Cracking can be a way to seek fame, but just among a small commuity that can not be open to public.
Cracking can be a way to study technique, but it is better not to violate the law and other people’s benifit.

So, dear cracker, life is short, why not use your precious life time to do more interesting things such as dating with girls, studying science, doing business, seeking for success?

These are my words for you guys.

Reproduce bugs!

Bugs are always unavoidable in software products. It is common because software developers are all humans. Human make mistakes.Right? :)

We are always committed to improve our products including fixing bugs and adding new features.
We use bug tracking software to track the feature items and bugs.

From the angle of software development process, we highly recommend the following steps for fixing a bug:
1. User finds a “bug” in the software and submit the description to us

2. We will ask for a steady reproduction of the bug, which means user can help us find a minimal step to identity the bug’s existence. A bug is always a reproducable bug!

3. Once we can reproduce the bug, fixing it is usually a much easier thing. However in some case, the bug may be dependent on other software components existing on the system (i.e, depedencies). It may be harder. But we will always find a way to fix it for the value of our customers.

Get firefox!

Custom development

We provide custom development on all the products or projects as per customer’s request. The process usually goes in this way:

1. Customer sends us the email on the specification.

2. We come out the design, schedule and cost estimation

3. Customer approves the plan and sends us the initial payment (30%-50%)

4. We deliver drops for customer’s feedback.

5. Adjust the solution according to feedback and fix bugs

6. Deliver final version to customer. Customer pays rest money and may be some bonus. :)

7. We provide 1 month’s free support or bug fixing for the solution.

That’s all. We think honesty is the basis for doing custom development and also hope to do good deal with honest customers for “win-win” results.