Using Active Audio Record in flash

Flash movie has support for Action Script which is a kind of scripting language.

But it doesn’t provide built-in audio record functionality for flash developers.

Some developers uses Zinc which extends Action Script to include more powerful functions. One of them is the support for ActiveX control. (Note, not General ActiveX Automation). This makes it possible to use Active Audio Record in Flash.

Since Active Audio Record is an ActiveX automation aerver, We have made an ActiveX Control Wrapper around it so that it can be used in Zinc. And we also provide a demo flash movie (DemoZinc) and its source FLA file.

Please download and try audio record in flash now. :)
If you want to redistribute a flash movie with audio record component now, the files needs to be redistributed are AudioCtrlWrapper.ocx, AudioCtl.dll and lame_enc.dll. And the first two needs to registered with regsvr32.exe like tools.