Tutorial: how to convert mp3 to swf and put it on your website with mp3 stream creator.

You may have a favourite song want to share with your friends or customers etc on the internet. They can listen to the music in internet explorer or firefox without installing any music player.

MP3 Steam Creator is designed for such purpose. It creates streaming Flash audio from mp3 file on the fly. And it also supports batch converting a lot of music files.

The steps:

1. Download Mp3 stream creator. Install it

2. Add your mp3 or wav music files by clicking the “add file” button. Or you can do a search in windows explorer for *.mp3 and drag drop the files into the list box of Mp3 stream creator

3. In the option tab, you can select the play control style

4. Click “Convert” to do the conversion.

5. After conversion finished, for each mp3 file, there will be three files (Suppose the mp3 file is 1.mp3, the files are 1.swf, 1.swf.html, 1.swf.ctrl.html.

6. You can open 1.swf.ctrl.html in internet explorer to see the play control and try playing your music

7. If 6 works well, open your own webpage in a html editor, copy the content of 1.swf.ctrl.html and paste into a place in your webpage so that the play control can be embeded into your page

8. Finally upload the 1.swf and your modified own webpage to your web server

That is it. You now have a streaming audio player running.

Have questions? Feel free to comment.