Active Audio Record New Release

Hi, Dear customers:

I am happy to anounce that we have just released a new version of Audio Record Component.

Check it out from this page:

There are two features added:

1. Add DeviceLineType property and GetDefaultDeviceName method. 
Some users want to detect the microphone source line automatically. The DeviceLineType property can tell if a line is a microphone, line-in or wave out.  Hope you guys will be happy with this feature.

2. Add WMA lossless and speech codec support (the format name has “lossless” or “speech”). Note this is not a new file format but the wave format of the WMA file option. You can enumerate the wave format names when file format is WMA. The last several codes are the newly added, which has the ending of “loseless” or “speech”. 
The cool thing about the speech codec is that it can generate really small audio files for voice only scenerios.  (as low as 4kbps, but the quality of it is still good, I think :) )

 Here is a snap shot of the VB demo in the Active Audio Record trial package.

aar codec