Reproduce bugs!

Bugs are always unavoidable in software products. It is common because software developers are all humans. Human make mistakes.Right? :)

We are always committed to improve our products including fixing bugs and adding new features.
We use bug tracking software to track the feature items and bugs.

From the angle of software development process, we highly recommend the following steps for fixing a bug:
1. User finds a “bug” in the software and submit the description to us

2. We will ask for a steady reproduction of the bug, which means user can help us find a minimal step to identity the bug’s existence. A bug is always a reproducable bug!

3. Once we can reproduce the bug, fixing it is usually a much easier thing. However in some case, the bug may be dependent on other software components existing on the system (i.e, depedencies). It may be harder. But we will always find a way to fix it for the value of our customers.

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