Track bugs by reproduction

Software always has “bugs”.┬áThis is because the software running environment varies a lot. You may use a computer which installs incompatible programs, or you may lose some dependency DLLs that the program requires, or the software developer like us didn’t consider carefully on certain scenarios. Don’t worry about bugs too much. We will find way to fix it or make a workaround somehow.

But to effectively identify a bug, it is good to have a systematic way to attack it. So when you find a software doesn’t work properly as you wish. Narrow down the condition that can reproduce the problem.

For our component product, most of users are experienced developers. Some users are really good at reproducing bugs. They found a flaw, and then they tried to remove unnecessary codes and finally got a smallest program that can show the problem. This program is useful to us greatly. From it, we can reproduce the bug and find the fix quickly. It is far more effective than simply describing the phenomena of the problem.

Do you think so?