How to do manual registration of Html To Image.

Some people experienced strange problem when registering html to image from the UI. We usually solve it by manually registering. Here is the process:

1. Make sure you are running latest build of Html To Image. It can be always downloaded here.

2. Make sure you have closed Html To Image program. i.e., it is not running.

3. Open the folder C:Program FilesHtml To Image. This is the default installation folder of html to image. Double click to open the file strings.ini in notepad.

Now edit the file, find the following lines. If they are not there, add them directly.

Name=User Name

Replace “User Name” with your own name when purchasing. Replace the “ABCXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX”  with the code you get in the order email

4.  restart Html To Image, you should be registered then.

Still not?  let me know :)