How to register Active TTS with your code

After purchase, there will be a code sent to you via email. Normally the order email will be sent in several hours. If you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder (sometimes, it may happen). If it is not there, please send email to us. We will help check the status.

The code is used to unlock the trial limit in the control. The usage is to call the SetCode method with the code you got after creating the object instance. Note, you need to call SetCode on every object instance you created.


‘Here is a quick example in VB Script:

Dim tts

‘Create the Active TTS Object
Set tts = CreateObject(“TTSObj.TextToSpeech.1“)

‘Set your code here
tts.SetCode “Your license code here”

‘Then do what ever you like …

The code will be hard coded in your application, so this can guarantee the control will be full functional after you release the product to your customers.