A trick on converting html with flash to image

Normally when a html page is fully loaded, there will be an event generated by web browser.   

Pages with flash movie can be different. Since flash movie has a feature that loads itself from servers. With this feature, it is hard to tell when the flash movie has been fully loaded. The web browser first downloads a flash file which may be just an empty scene with download progress bars. The web browser then fires the download complete event. From web browser point of view, the flash movie has been fully downloaded.

But flash control may continue downloading other parts of the movie. After it finishes, it doesn’t generate event at all.

To capture such kind of pages, we designed a method called SetDelayTime. It allows you to set a timer after the web browser’s document complete event.  The component will delay the time specified and capture the image again. Hopefully in this period, the flash movie has finished loading itself.

‘Create the Html Snapshot Object
Set snap = CreateObject(“HTMLSNAP2.HtmlSnap.1″)
snap.SetTimeOut CLng(200000)
snap.SetDelayTime CLng(10000) ‘The delay value matters
snap.SetSnapDimension 800, 600
snap.SnapUrl “htmlwithflash.htm”, “test.jpg”
‘Free object
Set snap = Nothing  


 Try this method when you meet the tricky flash capture problem. :)