Tip on using html to image

You may have a lot of html files to convert to image. It is very easy to do it with html to image.

In your Windows explorer, do a search for the html files in some folder on your disk. Explorer will list all the html files in the folder including sub folders.

Now just drag and drop those files to the URL list window in html to image. All the files will appear in it.

The next thing is to click Go to begin converting.

If you are converting internet URL to image or jpeg, you can enter the urls first to a list file with any text editor, then load it into html to image and click to go!

You see how easy it is now. You don’t even need any command line function at all, which you have to write batch file first.

Html to image is specially designed to do the batch conversion in UI. If you are interested in more control on html to image conversion, please have a look at html snapshot.