JPEG to html

DSCN1414.JPGSome times I saw some visitors to our web site by search for “JPG to html”.

We don’t have a jpg to html product. What we have is html to image solution including end-user product Html To Image and development tool Html Snapshot. Their function is to convert html to image such as JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF.

Come back to the topic “JPG to html”, frankly speaking, I don’t quite understand what it exactly means. JPG is a graphic format while html is a markup language in text format. The procedure of “convert html to jpg” implemented by our products is not reversible. This means, you can not generate the same html text file from the image.

Actually it is a quite difficult problem for computer to recognize the text or image on a big graphics. OCR or computer vision is trying to achieve this goal but is not successful yet.

Or does it mean to put an image into html page? If so, it is another problem: html page authoring. By making use of a WYSIWYG html editor, it is easy to put jpg to html in a few mouse clicks.